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Cloud based CRM allows managers to setup products, inventory, staff accounts easily from anyway with internet access using own computer or mobile devices.

Cloud based CRM makes it easy to duplicate the same setup for another branch.

Managers can check report, change product pricing, setup new staff account without visiting the store. Changes done on the Cloud CRM will be downloaded to the POS with just one SYNC button on the POS.

Sales will be uploaded to Cloud CRM real time so that manager can check the sales from Cloud CRM anyway, anytime.


Cloud CRM is protected with SSL encryption to prevent information leakage or data theft.

CRM and POS access accounts are protected by different permissions, which administrator/store manager can decide which functions are accessible to which staff accounts.



Our software engineers listen to your feedbacks to improve and customise the software based on your great opinions and suggestions.

We customise software modules that can fit to your business operation needs.


SGDATAPOS can be integrated with Quickbooks Accounting Software to reduce duplicate jobs. Sales done on the POS will be sync to Quickbooks as sales receipt automatically.

SGDATAPOS cab be integrated with Magento Shopping Cart to automatically retrieve products from Magento to update SGDATAPOS CRM/POS.

Our software engineers are working round the clock to build more integration with useful third party system so that our customer can enjoy more convenience and reduce work load.

Mobile Access

Managers and business owners love SGDATAPOS for its ability to send reports right to their mobile phones. Checking reports by login in to Cloud CRM from mobile phones or receiving hourly/daily reporting email can be done with SGDATAPOS.

Commission Calculation

Capturing sales by staff is easy on SGDATAPOS. With the ability to assign sales to staff down to per item levels, SGDATAPOS helps business owner save times on calculate commission manually.

Mobile Ordering for F&B

SGDATAPOS supports mobile ordering devices with iPad or android tablet/phone.

Ordering done on mobile devices will be sent to kitchen and the POS system.

The whole system helps save times on operations by minimising works for operation staff.



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Alpha POS Hardware

Alpha POS comes with 15 inch Multi Touch Screen monitor to give you a better touch experience.

Touching Alpha POS is just like touching iPad, no more hard pressing on the screen like traditional POS machine, simply a gentle touch will do the job.

Slim, Lightweight & Elegance

  • Windows 10
  • 15 inch Multi Touch Screen
  • 10.1 inch customer display LCD
  • Intel Core i5-4200U, 2.3GHz
  • DDR3 4GB RAM
  • 64GB SSD Hard Disk
  • 1 x Parallel port, 3 x Serial Port, 4 x USB Port, LAN, WIRELESS

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